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Greetings: fellow Internet explorers! Welcome to my home page.

As a computer programmer/consultant I need to keep up with things in the industry. This homepage is my stab at html programming. Hopefully you will find it both interesting and useful.

Who is this DiverGuy person?

Well, for starters, my name is John. I am a 48 year old, married, self-employed computer programmer, landlord (slumlord?), scuba diver, private pilot and rancher! Believe it or not, I actually met my lovely wife about 7 years ago on IRC (internet relay chat)! We chatted for over 3 years before we actualy met, two years of dating before we got engaged and another year before we got married on May 5, 2001. Please take time to visit her website.

While you're at it, take a look-see at Sluggie's business site Show-Me-Stitches. She's been after me for several years to get something set up and I finally did! Be sure to let her know what you think.

Back in the 1980's, I bought a Minolta X-700 and started a photography hobby. I got some entry level developing equipment and began printing my own black and white photos. But I didnt have enough money for quality lenses and so my hobby never really got off the ground. In late 2007, I found that quality lenses for my X-700 gear were relatively inexpensive and I began acquiring lots of them. I now have several X-700 bodies, and lenses ranging from fisheye 16mm through 400mm prime and 500mm mirror. You can see some of my pictures Here.

Back in 1990, while consulting for Anheuser Busch and living in Tampa, Florida, I decided to get certified for scuba diving. It was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. My instructor, Jerry, and his wife Linda, have been two of my best friends ever since. They became sort of my adopted 'mom & dad'. On our most recent dive trip, aboard the Ultimate Getaway, a 100' dive boat, Jerry and I speared a 60# Black Grouper with a 36" spear gun!

Jerry has also introduced me to archery and off-road cycling. With Jerry, I have crashed while mountain biking, fallen out of a tree while bow hunting and been knocked off a wall while rock climbing. During one of our 'typical' adventures together we even got lost at sea. Jerry and Linda are two of the best friends you could ever hope to have. One of our latest (ad?)ventures is cattle. My wife and I own about 300 acres in south-central Missouri. Recently, while learning to drive my Hew Holland Skid Steer (bobcat), Jerry managed to drive up a tree and launch me into the woods head first. Jerry's wife, Linda, jokes that just about anything we do together borders on fatal! But, in all honesty, I dont think Jerry is really trying to actually KILL me!

COMMERCIAL PLUG: Jerry and Linda own a dental laboratory, Suncoast Ceramic Studio (my unofficial page), Official Website where they make crowns and bridges for dentists. Linda is truly one of the best dental technicians in the industry. If you are having crown or bridge work done and want the very best lifelike looking teeth possible, get in touch with Linda and she will help you talk to your dentist about using their lab.

I also very much enjoy both snow and water skiing. My brother, Tom, and I used to try to get to Steamboat Springs, Colorado every year to snow ski for a week or so (You might have guessed that Jerry and I haven't yet worked up the courage to go skiing together). Here are some pictures of a trip I took a few years back to Breckenridge, Colorado with a group of people from IRC.

A few years ago, my brother-in-law introduced me to indoor rock climbing, which I find to be very challenging, and I am also in the process of learning to fly R/C airplanes.

My wife and I use so much honey that we looked into getting our own bees. First we joined Three Rivers Beekeepers. Then we started making plans and established our apiary.

I almost always enjoy a good discussion. Recently I had a conversation with my son about President Obama, Income Tax, and whether the "Rich don't pay their fair share of taxes" or the "Rich do pay their fair share of taxes". After the conversation with him, and a couple of other people on IRC, I decided to do some research. You can read about it here.

Here is an editorial that I wrote after a disheartening conversation with a local radio personality about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's decision to lower our US Flag to pay homage to Whitney Houston's patriotic service.

If anyone has any suggestions for adding time to the day, please let me know. There are some other things I would like to try such as sky diving and bungie jumping.

Generally underlined 'text' links will go to a website and clicking on a picture will download software.

I prefer Eudora Light for my sending and retrieving my e-mail. Although Microsoft has a nice addressbook, I avoid using Outlook (and outlook express) as email programs. By integrating Outlook into the operating system Microsoft has provided hackers and virus writers with a 4-Lane superhighway into your computer. download eudora

One of my many passions involves surfing the web to find new ideas, software and people with whom I can chat. Being fairly anti-Microsoft, I was browsing the web with Netscape until I became aware that AOL had purchased Netscape and seemed to be tracking my web movements and downloads. At that point I switched back to Internet Explorer. I.E. seems to work better with windows and at least I know they are tracking everything that happens on my computer.

WARNING: AOL and Netscape have joined forces. AOL is EVIL.

Generally underlined 'text' links will go to a website and clicking on a picture will download software.

For more technical users, I use and recommend the following:
d/l winzip from: C|net
from: Winzip.com
WinZip 9.0 : an invaluable program for unzipping and installing those pesky zip files. (REVIEW)

d/l winzip Core FTP : an excellent GUI-ftp client for sending files to and from your website. It supports both ftp and sftp and can save your site profiles. (REVIEW)
Putty SSH : is an excellent no-frills client for telneting into your secure shell account. Putty will remember your servers, logins, passwords and preferences

zip version
Angry IP-Scanner : is a nice little utility for scanning ports on an ip address or range of addresses.

NetScan : works well for scanning a range of ip addresses to map your network.

d/l paintshop pro v800 eval
v801 eval
Paintshop Pro : for editing and viewing graphics files. (REVIEW)

d/l lview 16 bit
32 bit
Lview : for viewing those electronic pictures you collect. (REVIEW)

d/l gifcon 32 bit GifCon : for animating .GIF files (REVIEW)

The C|Net's and Tucow's websites both have an extensive list of shareware and freeware software. Be sure to check them out!


I'm an avid user of mIRC (REVIEW) (an IRC chat program) If you'd like to chat online then download a copy of mIRC, or your favorite chat client from http://cws.internet.com or from http://www.tucows.com , and come join in.
You'll find a great group of people on Efnet channels: #Help4irc, #beginner, , #friendsunited, #cafebleu and #newbies


Help with IRC
Help with MIRC
irc bot F.A.Q.
Other IRC related links

IRC Related Links:

d/l fibs

In my spare time I use FIBS/W (by Robin Davies ) and relax with a nice game of internet backgammon, where I can play against people from all over the globe!
MAC users can get MacFibs (by Paul Ferguson ) and come join us too! (for the current status of the fibs server check on the official FIBS status page

d/l gamezone One of my more fun discoveries is the Microsoft Game Zone . It is an area on the web with lots of interactive games like Hearts, Bridge, Chess and more!! Try it!


Join our Team #36167

Click HERE For help setting up FOLDING@HOME as a service, so it will run even for all users on the computer, even if they arent logged in.


Another of my passions involves scuba diving - hence my nick-name DIVERguy. (Get it?) I am a proud NAUI certified diver and member of Diver's Alert Network (DAN), a diving safety organization.

visit Naui

join dan

Most of my diving is done in West Palm Beach , Boyton Beach, or the Florida Keys. The water is warm, the fish are plentiful and I even catch a few lobsters (in season of course!). visit Naui

visit Naui

visit IANTD One of the latest additions to my diving certifications is the completion of an I.A.N.T.D. (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) Nitrox_Course conducted by Divers Supply in West Palm Beach, Florida. I highly recommend this course to all scuba divers, technical or not.

Most people have the misconception that Nitrox is a gas mixture used for deep diving. This is incorrect. The use of Nitrox gas imposes strict depth limitations and, depending on your specific mixture, can actually reduce your maximum depth limit. I like to use Nitrox because it allows me to enjoy extended bottom times on my dives and reduces the required surface interval between dives. Additionally, I do not feel as fatigued after pursuing that tenacious, but nice-sized lobster! NITROX description


underwater pics One of the other activities I enjoy while diving is videography. I've acquired a housing for my video camera and I've been experimenting with it.

In Manzanillo, Mexico I was able to film a huge manta ray. Recently I was able to capture a nurse shark, large green moray and a spotted moray on film! It was a fantastic dive! Next, I hope to load the images into my computer to edit it, add sound, titles and credits. It's a never-ending hobby!


I hope you've enjoyed visiting my home page. Please contact me anytime at: website@diverguy.net with a hello, suggestions for improving this page or help with using irc! Happy Surfing. Thanks.

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Special Thanks to my friend and dive buddy, Darlene, for the initial concept and layout and for locating all the nice underwater gifs.


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